Advantage in competition

  1. Professional Management and Technology Team
    AMRI not only equips with strong R&D capability but also has abilities to integrate resources from upstream big LED suppliers, so we are able to provide total solution for LED lighting. ODM and OEM service are also available to meet customers’ need. In the past years, AMRI has accumulated a lot of experience by working with big international electronic and information company.
  2. Complete Business Technology Supply System
    AMRI’s niche is based on strong R&D capability with company-owned patents and also being able to integrate fully photonic and electron technology. With this ability, we can continuously move forward to new emerging technology and be ahead of the technology trend. By increasing the efficiency and production yield rate, high quality product and service will be assuredly provided to our customers.
  3. Meet Environmental Demands and Reduce Operation Cost
    AMRI truly believes that LED lighting and solar energy products and their applications will make the most contribution to energy structure and environment improvement, and also meet environment protection policy in the world. In order to do more good to our planet, we not only promote the best practice in environment protection as much as we can, but also use our know-how to manufacture reasonable price LED products. In other words, we can reduce your company operation cost by our efforts.
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